Culture is the lifeblood of enterprise development

Enterprise culture is the values of integrity and innovation of enterprise leaders recognized by all employees。
The core of Daye culture is righteousness and innovation。It is a cultural system that has emerged and gradually formed its characteristics in the course of development for more than ten years。Great cause culture advocates righteousness -- to be a man in advance;Innovation -- innovation for development,From concept, strategy to technology and market innovation,With the great cause from scratch, from small to big, from big to strong, from China to the world,Daye culture itself is also constantly innovating and developing,The universal recognition and conscious participation of employees is the ideal goal of the construction of Daye culture。Every employee will fully realize their personal value and pursuit in the process of realizing the world brand of Daye。 Quality and learning are excellent, quality is on, learning is second。
Great cause spirit: gather the world's talents, create brilliant cause
 Vision: Aim at the frontier, focus on innovation, rapid development, reputation worldwide
 Great value: Create value for customers, create benefits for society
 Big idea: The pursuit of excellence, excellence
 Big idea: not adhere to the routine, dare to be the first
 Development concept: Science and technology leads the development of enterprises, and innovation casts national brands